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Doctor forgot to send prescription and I really needed it today?

Today I went to a new family doctor for some really bad anxiety attacks I’ve had the past couple of days due to some relationship problems. I eventually got prescribed Cymbalta and another drug which I don’t remember for my anxiety attacks. The doctor said he would send over my prescription within the hour. I went to the pharmacy a couple hours after my appointment and My prescription hadn’t arrived yet. After calling my doctor the receptionist said that the doctor was very busy and assured me that he would send over my prescription soon. 5 hours later the pharmacist still hasn’t received anything for me and tonight has been a horrible night for my anxiety. Do I have a really bad doctor or is this a common occurrence at pharmacies? Because it feels like complete ignorance on his part.

I’d also like to add that I confirmed the correct pharmacy multiple times with the doctor and receptionist.

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    It's not unusual for doctors to not get prescriptions to the pharmacy as the same day prescribed.

    On average it takes 3 weeks for Cymbalta to work.  It's not going to matter if you start to today or tomorrow.

    If you need something immediately, you are going to need to look at things that promote relaxation.

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    It's not unusual. It does happen, but I'm not the type of person to let it go. I will sometimes go back to the doctor's office and demand my prescriptions. Personally I am on meds that I can not go a night without. Keep in mind that it can take hours for a prescription to be electronically faxed. Some doctors only send them before closing, and for some reasons it can take a long time for them to get through to the pharmacy. If they are not there in the morning the following day, that's when you should worry. I would go into the doctor's office and ask if you could just get the prescriptions written out. Btw, doctors work for you! Not the other way around!

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    Why tell us - we cannot get your 'scrips for you.

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