Making great progress with ex then messed up? How to proceed with her?

My ex and I started talking again and after a few months of on and off we were back to talking frequently and planning to hangout. The previous month she said she didnt want to date again and wanted to be single since she hadent been for awhile, though shed still send mixed signals. Anyhow, skip to a month later, shes complimenting me, texting me frequently, sending nudes and it was fun. Then I straight up asked her why she didnt want to start something with me again and she said she still wanted to be alone and hadent been really since her divorce. Subsequently, I told her i still loved her and was open to it but if she ever was and if it felt right, but that I support her being single. She then grew distant and said she was hesitant to hangout because she felt like I hadent moved on. After I told her to stop sending mixed signals because it hurts, She then went even more distant, stopped flirting, and initiating contact. A month later we had still been texting every so often and when i pushed to hangout she got mad and said again she didnt want to date again or try to be friends anymore. I think i was acting too needy and was forcing a hangout and conversation. Now she wont really talk to me. What should I do?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Forget relationships for now - it is obvious you are not ready.

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