im planning on streaming, how do i get obs at a consistent framerate?

im new to the content creation scene and aside from one time with a friend ive never streamed, ive had a twitch for about two years but every time i record videos with obs my games lag, frameskip, and just dont run smooth in general, my laptop is heigher end with 1TB(670GB free) of storage and 6GB of ram, is there a setting im not seeing? as ive said im not very fluent with streamlabs or obs so any help, with this and other basic things that go into it would be appreciated! 


EDIT: My gpu is an AMD Raedon R4 Graphics card and my cpu is a AMD A6-9225 Raedon R4, 5 Compute cores 2C+3G at 2.60 GHz and my obs settings are default

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