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How long does it usually take to rent out an apartment ?

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    There's a lot of variables, but if you live in an area where people need a place to stay, and your price is average, then probably a couple months at the most. Winter time can slow things down, people don't like moving in the cold months. If it isn't cold there then you're fine. Covid could make it hard to, but you can always just offer a lower price on a 6 month lease and then tell them if things improve it'll go up in 6 months. 

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    There is no such thing a usual. It can be same day to weeks.  It in part depends on how busy the landlord is. Running your application is not the only thing on their to do list. It always takes longer in low income houseing because they require a lot more verifications. 

  • 2 months ago

    a few minutes to years...............

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