Red Riding Hood animatic?

there was the series of animatics from someone with a concept that they were working on and probably was going to be a project or have a big final production that I used to watch and I was supporting them way back in the day, I think they may have deleted all the videos the portfolio website and I can't find any trace of this anywhere and I'm no longer sure if I've even got the right name...

does anybody else remember these, and do you have any idea where I could go to see it if it's been reposted or brought back up? I don't remember the person's name anymore because I was in high school and I ended up forgetting it.

there was one that was don't rain on my parade, and one that was Papa. 

it was like a red writing hood modern retelling where she was in a city and it looked like a 1920s rag show sort of take on it. 2d animation and the lady who did it her name started with an L

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