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Isn’t it an odd coincidence that the only states with a massive conspiracy to rig the vote were battleground states that Trump narrowly lost?

If I were out to rig a Presidential election against Trump, I would go for Texas and Florida. More bang for the buck, and the polls said Biden had a chance in both. I wonder why the filthy lying lib Democraps focused on Georgia or Nevada. 

The mind boggles...maybe they are just so evil that it is impossible for good Americans like me to comprehend their treacherous ways. 

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    Biden never had a chance in Texas or Florida (not from my reckoning, those are like CA and NY for the GOP).   Penn, Ohio, Mich, WI, Minn, NV and AZ in play but  My reckoning did NOT have GA or NC in play which is why I see it as suspicious. Just because your party spends a lot of money in a race or state does not mean it is in play... see (

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    2 months ago

    No, it makes perfect sense. If you are going to cheat you want to cheat by as little as necessary to reduce the chance of tipping your hand. Imagine the scrutiny if Texas had gone blue... Besides, Democrats cheated in all fifty states most likely but Trump is only concerned with the Presidential race at this time.

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    Isn't it odd that Trump was ahead in all of them then there was a ballot dump (over 700,000 votes for Biden in PA) and not 1 vote for Trump in the same period?  Oh, wait, Trump lost 5500 votes.  how does ones tallied votes get reduced? 

    This same phenomenon was repeated in all the other States.  It's a MATHEMATICAL and ASTRONOMICAL IMPOSSIBILITY that these events are not fraud.

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    2 months ago

    Nope. Democrats tried in all 50 states, but only succeeded in a handful. Notice how surprised they were when 74 million republican votes went through, they really expected 80 million to be more than enough to cover the nation in a blue wave.

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