TCA Peel, am i doing it right?

Hello, so ive done TCA 20 percent. On first day I did wash face and wiped alcohol in my face, then applied TCA, it didnt feel like anything, until like a minute or so it started to sting but its not really too much, there was also no frosting or white patch. Oh I did 2 layers, still no frosting or burning sensation. Left it on my face for 5 mins, then washed it off. And applied sunscreen.

My face felt tight tho. And less oily next day.Next day, did another tca application, 2 layers, it surely did hurt this time, My face was burning and had to wash it off under 1 minute. Also no frost. My face never became red. My face just felt tighter. 

Im on 4th day and still no peeling, is this okay? Did it work or did i do it right? Or should i went up more concentration like 50% tca.

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