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Why can't psychopaths admit who they really are?

I'm asking for myself. 

I'm guilty of some truly messed up crap. Like one time I didn't kill someone just because the only way I could would kill his little sister and his grandma, and I didn't want that to happen. That is just one incident. I dare not go into too much detail, but... I am one. I can't be a normal person who is guilty of considering doing things that I have. It's just disturbing as hell to know that it is *me* that is guilty of certain things. My mind takes things way too far. And not just in a vengeful way, either.

I once almost confessed to a priest in a nearby Catholic church - even though I was an atheist. One time I called the FBI's local field office and told them my name and told them I was one. And even walked up to the building... after a missed opportunity at suicide. Both times, they did nothing. 

I just want to get things off my chest, but I deeply fear prison. I don't mind being locked up, but I don't want to be in general population. I'd rather serve a life sentence in solitary. But that's my entitlement issues speaking, I suppose.

But I currently believe (or usually do; and have believed for the past 6 years) that it's God's doing. I almost always believe he is satan. That he targets me. That he corrupted me so I'd appear to be a pathological liar so that I can't prove I'm actually innocent of this and that. And he calls me a self-deciever. How can I decieve myself? That doesn't seem possible.

Anyway, what would you do in my position?


I disagree, Doc Man. I was just raised religious, and have some morality because of it.

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    True psychopaths don't think the way you do.  You are confused, but you are not really a psychopath.  You have wild, uncontrolled thoughts.  You probably should find a way to get some therapy.

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    I believe what your saying.

    It's a big world and it's possible for a murderer to ask for advice on yahoo.

    It's not like it wouldn't of happened before.

    I'd go on yahoo and tell people what I've got away with if I was in your situation.

    Your doing the right thing. ; )

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    You're delusional and self-congratulatory. You jump to grand conclusions and you make up grand scenarios to attract attention. You don't care whether or not the attention is negative or positive. You say things that make people want to save you or help you and you thrive off of that attention.

    Stop thinking that it's outside of your power to change yourself.

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