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Do you think I should do why people shouldn't text and drive as a persuasive speech?

Hi guys, I got a persuasive speech assignment for class.  I was going to do why people shouldn't text and drive as my persuasive speech, but i didnt want the teacher to think I just did it cause it was an easy topic.I think texting and driving is a common topic that everyone has heard, but I kinda want to do it about that.  Do u  think I should change my speech?

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    Yes, change your speech.  P S Proper English is "I have a persuasive speech ....

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    Yes, change your topic. Your audience has heard the arguments against texting and driving, and they're going to be bored. It's never good to bore your audience. Go in with something different and surprise them. How about "All children should work for wages starting at age 12, because it teaches them about responsibility, and motivates them to stay in school so they can get more interesting jobs." That'll get their attention. Or the opposite- "Children should not be expected to live on their own and support themselves until the age of 24. We know that the brain isn't fully developed until then, and people often get into trouble from not knowing how to manage their finances, or how to behave at work, or how to avoid making bad decisions in their lives."

    Or keep it simple and argue that everyone should be required to play 2 hours of pickle ball a week because it would reduce obesity and save millions of dollars in medical expenses every year. 

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    that wouldnt be a bad idea

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