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What is a "reasonable" budget for a wedding for 2022?

Our youngest daughter (age 23) just announced that her young man has her to marry him (we like him a lot). She and her fiance would like to get married in 2022 (after the pandemic/epidemic is under control--- hopefully). They have asked us to help with their wedding costs, which we are glad to help. However, her idea of a "reasonable" budget, and our idea of a "reasonable" budget are two different numbers. I've been married to her dad for 20 years, and our wedding cost just over $1,000. I know a lot of things have changed in those 20 years. In your opinion, what is a "reasonable" budget for wedding for 2022?  

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    whatever you can afford

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    zero its not reasonable for any man to get married.

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    What's reasonable is to set a budget for the wedding.

    I had a friend who didn't, and it was a nightmare. Not because she was going hog-wild, but because whenever we asked, "What's your budget for your dress [catering,  flowers] she'd say, "Fiance' just doesn't want me to go crazy." It's a lot easier to plan when one has a dollar amount in mind. If the reception is for 200 people, and your reception budget is $1000, you can tell the caterer it won't be steak.

    Instead of handing out dribs and drabs of money on this, that, or the other, and arguing about tastefulness, which aunties are invited, etc, I would suggest you and your husband DECIDE TOGETHER (not discuss with Happy Couple) how much you are willing to help, and just write a check for that amount and hand it over. Then, resentment won't build up, they'll know right from the start exactly how much help they will receive and can plan accordingly. I have no idea what your income is, and neither does anyone else on this forum.

    I had a boss who did that with his daughter. She spent the money on a big wedding. Years later, during her divorce, she told her father she wished she had eloped and put a down payment on a house instead. (which he had told her she could do, if she had wanted to.)

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    Reasonable is what you can afford.  And what you are willing to give. 

    Why not look online at reception places that would fit you and your husband’s budget. Check out cost of food, drink, flowers, music, photographer cost in your area.  See what things cost in your area.

    What is the guest list count. What kind of wedding do you want for her. An early morning  wedding and a brunch afterwards. An evening sit down dinner with a DJ and open bar. A church wedding and a cake and coffee reception.

    My friend had a backyard wedding, no dancing, no drinking.   they did a lot of decor and set up themselves. They loved it. It was very relaxed. Mostly family.  

    There are all sorts of weddings and receptions.  At all different costs. 

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    What's reasopnable depends entirely on your situation.  I suggest you figure out what you can afford and Then just tell her that's all you can give. In fact, you might want to figure out what you can afford, take 80% of that, and tell her that this is all you can afford, then let her talk you up to the actual number (and if she doesn't talk you up to that number, give the difference to her as a wedding gift).

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    This is going to vary depending upon social class.  My family is blue collar.  $1K-$2K is typical for us.  This includes the wedding dress.

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