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36-40 weeks pregnant last semester of nursing school?

Hi, I’m hoping you all can offer me some advice. I found out I’m pregnant back in August (not necessarily planned but also very wanted by my husband and I), with my due date confirmed to be May 1st, 2021. I am going into my last semester of nursing school in the Spring, which includes practicum/preceptorship for the whole month of April. (2nd - 30th)


I am nervous about being 36-40 weeks pregnant during my practicum, with 8-12 hour clinical days. That is the last step toward graduation day, completing 135 clinical hours that month. I am nervous that I will deliver before my May 1st due date or a complication will arise to where I will miss too many days and have to repeat my last semester over again. 

My husband and I have already talked, and he is more than willing to take the 2-3 weeks off of work to care for our child while I am doing my preceptorship, but I am worried about pumping breast milk, and being gone in general for the 8-12 hours a day, if it comes to that. This is my first child. Any advice would be appreciated - thanks!

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    In circumstances like this, your teachers may make an exception and postpone your practicum to a later time... have you tried talking to them about it? 

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    I think you need to relax. If you are healthy, none of this should be much of a problem. I worked right up until my due date- but like most first babies, mine was 10 days late anyway. The tough part of a pregnancy is at the beginning for most women- and you're past the morning sickness stage. Many nurses work 12 hour shifts when pregnant- I know because my daughter is a nurse and did it, as have most of her colleagues. The only problem would be if the baby comes early- you really can't work those first two weeks. You won't be getting any sleep. But discuss the situation with your professors ahead of time. I gave one of my students her exam early this semester because she was due yesterday!

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    maybe you should talk to your teachers about it

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