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Is necrophilia a sin?

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    I don't use the word sin, because it's meaningless, but necrophilia is wrong for a number of reasons.  First, ethical sex means consent, and obviously, the dead cannot consent.  Secondly, the human body begins to rot immediately after death, and there are all kinds of really dangerous, nasty bacteria that are present in and on dead human bodies.  Anyone fool enough to play with dead human flesh is risking grave infectious consequences.  

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    I'm surprised you have to ask.  Of course it is.

  • Sin is a religious concept and therefore has no logical basis. That being said, necrophilia is both disgusting and illegal.

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    No, but it's against the law, and the law trumps sin.

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    Yes, because it is a perversion of sex into a sterile and selfish act, and it is defilement of a body which was created to be a temple of the Holy Spirit.

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    Personally I'd love to say yes, but doubt there's anything in the bible about such disgusting behaviour. However I think some behaviours are so obviously abhorrent, that deliberately labelling them sin in any scripture is redundant.

    Whatever the case it's illegal to perform such an act and that's good enough.

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