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Are these Biblical values or not?

* Executing gays?

* Killing disobedient children?

* Subjugating women?

* Owning/beating slaves?

* Genocide?

* Threatening the non-compliant with torment?

* Shame, blame, and authoritarian rule?


I have actually read the Bible. That we have people here defending any of this is offensive. 

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    Yes. Those are all Biblical values. Those all have verses backing them up. 

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    If properly implemented and applied, in their applicable time and place, yes.

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    Perhaps it would help you an awful lot to actually read the Bible read the entire chapter not just part of the chapter I'm going to refer to you the scripture that you're speaking of.

    The beginning of the book begins like this this is the book of the law given unto Moses by God for all of Israel.

    And that book does indeed contain instructions to execute homosexuals and to Stone to death.

    Incorrigible uncorrectable children.

    It also tells you how to have a woman in subjection.

    It also tells you not to murder not to lie not to commit fornication but the point that I am making is that the very beginning of the book says that this law is for all of Israel.

    so if you live in the land of Israel you're bound to obey this law it's God's law for all of Israel.

    If you live in another country then you're bound by the laws of whatever country that you happen to live in

  • Those sound like biblical values to me.

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    2 months ago

    🥴 God allowed genocide to happen to teach his favorite creation a lesson. When you stray away from his teachings and make a perversion of his blessings, bad things happen. And its not only by him. We have to pray to stay in the loop with our creator otherwise mother nature and human nature take its course in self distructing. This planet was a dark void before he came. After he created all life on it, we're still living on a dark void. 

    Anyway... 🥴 the whole discrimination against gays thing is mans law. To preserve procreation. Otherwise, we're made out of the earth. God really has no problems with us turning into dust or remaking us. So I cant imagine why else he'd care about a couple of fa99ots getting it on. It was just a problem in certain cases like Sodom and Gomorrah and the tribe of Benjamin, because they turned sadistic. 

    🥴 Everything else you mentioned is small potatoes. No one cares. And slavery is long gone in 1st world countries. The rest of the world will follow suit.

    Murdering kids? 😄 Where in the hell did you see that? Oh wait... that was the 1st borns of Egypt. 

    Like I said... 🥴 God has no problems with us turning into dust or restructuring us. We're made from the earth.

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    Yes, they are absolutely Biblical values.


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    2 months ago

    Yup! All in the Bible.

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