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What Happens When Your Wife Made an Online Donation $10,000 Instead of $100 Intended?

For Giving Thanks Day, she decided to give $100.00 to a reputable charity.  Due to a typo, the donation was recorded as $10,000.00.  It was via credit card, if that makes a difference.


Thanks for your input.  To follow up, my wife made the donation ONLINE, so there would have been no voice recording.  She called the charity on Tuesday, but received no action.  I followed up on Thursday with the phone call and spoke to a very cooperative customer service agent.  I stayed on the line with her while he communicated with the Finance department.  Before I hung up, I had the assurance that the amount would be fixed.

48 hours later, the promise was fulfilled.  My CC was credited.

Update 2:

Yes, I could have filed with the card company, but wanted to give the charity a chance to keep their promise.  Had they not done so, I would have called the credit card rep.  Fortunately no need to do so.  And I sent a check for $100.00 to fulfill my wife's intention.  And we agreed that she wouldn't do donations online in the future.  I believe she learned her lesson.

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    Call the charity and explain what happened.

    I can't imagine they wouldn't understand but if they don't, call the CC company and explain the situation. 

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    That's bullsh*t. ALL those donation sites ask you to confirm the amount you donate. Your wife didn't make any mistakes. And if you don't have the credit limit for that amount, it won't go through anyway. 

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    I'd definitely call the organization and let them know that you did not make a $10K donation and that it was supposed to be for $100 and that an error was made. Most reputable charities should correct this. If they won't adjust this, try going thru the card company.         P.S. You'd better handle the finances from now on.

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    I'm sure that the transaction had a vocal tape recording made for quality assurance contact your credit card company immediately and talk to the registered charity that you made the donation to tell them about the mistake have them check the voice recording I'm sure that they're going to refund the money if not you'll have to pursue it through the credit card company as a deliberate fraud and when it comes down to them prosecuting they'll very quickly change their tune

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    My wife didn't do that. She's not stupid.

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    Call the charity and tell them to adjust it, that it was a typo. If it doesn't go off your credit card within a day then I'd dispute it online too, just in case.

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