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what is spage?

- sitting alone curling 100lb dumbbells and reading signed edition of ripptoe's starting strength

- cute cardio bunny approaches me

- start trembling with fear

- "Hey! You're doing Ripptoe's? Is it any good?"

- "I-I think you'll find Ripptoe's transcends the normative compound-isolation dichotomy, actually," I reply

- she says she doesn't understand

- I snort with laughter

- protein shake spurts out of my nostrils, along with a single strand of spaghetti

- panicking, I quickly pull my mossimo v-neck to my nose and blow

- more spaghetti falls out

- I try to catch it all in my fedora, but it quickly overflows

- the girl is staring at me in horror

- I stand up, knocking the bench over, and sprint towards the door

- trip on a string of spaghetti that was dangling from my nose

- as I crash to the floor a wet bubble of bolognese sauce escapes from my ***

- I attempt to stand up but slip on a meatball that had rolled out of my trouser leg

- everyone is laughing hysterically

- I try to apologize but my mouth is full of spaghetti

- start vomiting uncontrollably

- the spaghetti wraps itself around my neck

- I can't breathe

- I beg for help but no-one can hear me over their laughter

- everything goes black

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    This deserves some kind of trolling award, I'm just not sure of what kind would be appropriate. 

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