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Why won’t my yahoo answers account work?

This isn’t my normal account. I only use this account for email. My regular account lets me sign in, check my email, read questions and articles, and plenty of other stuff. It will not let me answer any questions, see my profile or notifications, or post questions. When I try to see my notifications, it shows a page that says something like “sign up for answers.” When I click the button, nothing happens. I have not been informed of any reason for this, and this account works fine. But I want my real account back, I don’t wanna start over from level 1 to use this one. Wtf is wrong with yahoo, and how do I fix it? Yahoo has gone WAY downhill lately. 

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    2 months ago

    Try again today and see if you can use the other YA account. If not, then chances are that account was suspended. To appeal a YA account suspension, login to that Yahoo account and do the following:

    Click “Help” at the bottom of any YA page. Next select “Contact Us” (left frame). Then Contact a Yahoo Specialist>Appeals. On the following page you'll have a choice of what content you want to appeal (removal of a comment, question, or suspension of an account) .

  • Daniel
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    2 months ago

    Most Likely its just a Minor Glitch with Yahoo Answers Yesterday Morning my Account did that to but then it went back to Normal Refresh the Page and Just Ignore that message if it still Appears it should still let you Answer Questions or Ask Despite that showing up 

    It Allowed me to Answer Questions Despite that message showing up 

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