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How can I write this?

I need some tips for a creative writing project I'm doing.

My main character is a professional male dancer in hopes of getting fame for his talent. Somewhere along the way, his determination to practice and perfect his technique turned into an obsession. My character stays up until the early hours to practice and wakes up before the sun has the chance to rise. He teaches multiple dancing classes at various hours of the day. He keeps himself very busy with all of this that he barely sleeps or doesn't eat as often as he should.

My question is: What can I use as the "breaking point" for my character to understand the dangers of his behavior? Most often in novels or movies, the workaholic character will miss a crucial event relating to friends or family(anniversary, recital etc) but my character doesn't have any close relationships.

I had thought about writing a medical "crash" where he has exhausted himself to the point of illness but is that even possible? What are the limitations of the human body?

Any medical or literary advice would be greatly appreciated. I hope this question is understandable.

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    Dancers do push themselves hard, and the balance between weight and strength is crucial. Which means some also starve themselves.

    You court anorexia long enough, your body uses muscle tissue to meet its energy needs, saving what fat there is for a last-ditch attempt to keep you alive. This is a very primitive response, Mother Nature taking care of humans in times of no game, no edible plants.

    So if someone terribly concerned about both what his body can do and how his body looks in skin-tight white lycra were to be anorexic, he might meet his weight goal by hardly eating anything (because the lost muscle weighed something) but still have a bulge or excess somewhere, most likely invisible to everyone else.

    So he cuts back on the calories even further, his body uses muscle even more because of course he's still dancing for himself and teaching and all, and voila! The heart attack, because the heart is a muscle.

    I had an acquaintance die of a heart attack in college. She was 21, 5'5", weighed under a hundred, and ate less than 500 calories a day because she was so fat. She looked like a skeleton, of course.

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    a heart attack by stress

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    A person who is barely sleeping and not eating properly will almost certainly drop from exhaustion. Poor nutrition can lead to all sorts of health issues from heart troubles to easily broken bones to hair falling out, you name it.

    Go spend some time researching sleep deprivation for a start. As the writer of this story it's your job to do the research, not us.

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    I think that is a splendid idea: a medical crash. Maybe he can meet someone at the hospital/clinic/support group who can or who  knows someone who can help his dancing career.  Or perhaps he teaches full time and finds that teaching is actually his calling. 

    Good luck!

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