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Is it normal for landlords to ask for your transaction history?

While I was applying for this particular apartment, I was told they needed my bank statements, though not my transaction history. Of course this was no problem, paystubs and bank statements are to be expected. However, when I turned in my bank statements they quickly took back what they initially said and informed me that they can't take my bank statements without my transaction history. I felt a bit uncomfortable because I feel like that's a bit private, but of course I gave it to them anyway as I have nothing to hide and I'll do whatever I can do to help. I have to admit, I've lived in my apartments my whole life and have never had to do this. Is this normal at some apartments?


Thank you for your responses! I thought this was a nice place, as I've visited many times because my friend lives there. However, upon reading their reviews, I learned that not only are the landlords EXTREMELY strict, but they are also over-involved in a lot of resident's personal business. Definitely not for me. 

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    They likely want to see that you haven't had any large deposits lately which might indicate that someone lent you money for the purpose making it look like you have more funds than you actually have.  Before showing any of this, however, I would confirm what their intentions are.  If you are uncomfortable with showing them where you spend your money, then hide the description column on all outgoing payments.  

    If that is not good enough for them, I would kindly tell them that you're not trying to hide anything, but that information is none of their business and that it clear you would not be happy living in a complex with such over reaching management practices.

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    No reason to need transaction history. Even low income housing does not ask for that.  When I managed low income housing we only required the 1st page of bank statement. They were looking at beginning & ending ballance & any overdraft fees. I'd look for another place. 

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    Your bank statement IS the transaction history for your account.

    I have no clue what you are trying to ask.

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    Did you ask them why?  Are you self employed?  That's the only reason I can think of that they would need your transaction history.

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