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What's the problem with my 2008 Chevy Impala heating?

The blower works but lukewarm air. Sometimes warm and hot air at times.

It's a V-6 Flex Fuel.

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    Sounds like an air pocket in the cooling system. Take the radiator cap off and run the motor for 15 minutes to see if any air bubbles come out of the radiator neck.

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    DO the SAME THING that the BAX says, buy MAYBE it is only the HEATER CONTROL FLAP! Some FORD trucks had this issue as well! IT MAY be controlled by a REALY or COMPUTER theses days! GO to a  SHOP for this! ALSO REALIZE that every engine GM made from 9-2003 is DEFECTIVE< in that the  coolant, dexcool wil; EAT UP THE INTAKE GASKETS and cause heater problems nd engine failures! There was a HUGE lawsuit over this ALONE and gm changed to the NEW GM cuz they could NOT afford to fix EVERY ENGINE made around the world! BUYER BEWARE! They had YEARS to fix this and DID NOTHING! >>>check the COOLANT LEVEL and be SURE that your neigner is nOT eating up the COOLANT! MAY BE that GM INTAKE GASKET that has FINALLY rotted away! USE TOYOTA or AUDI coolant if you fix it! Get the DEXCOOL OUT OF THERE! Run engine with CAP OFF and sitting WATCH FOR LARGE BUBBLES! This means the HEAD is CRACKED or LEAKING a VERY common problem! Gm has made a LOT of CRAPPY cars and trucks over the years! They are nearly ALWAYS BLACK BALLED in CONSUMER REPORTS! They NEVER seem to engineer ANYTHING all the way and leave the DEALERS to figure out the issues with them! >>>you can PULL THE PLUGS to see if they are DISCOLORED from eating up coolant! IF you DO, replace the crappy AC DELCO PLUGS with DENSO TWIN TIP IRIDIUM LASER PKUGS to get 29% MROE POWER and ECONOMY! DELCO plugs FAIL in plug tests every years! USDE ONLY PENNOIL ULLTRA PLATINUM OIL In it to keep it CLEAN inside! NEVER VALVOLINE an oil NO FACTORY will use cuz it makes SLUDGE and eats up seals and gaskets and rubber PCV hoses! 

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    What is the cooling system temperature?  Hot, normal, cool? Is thermostat operating correctly?

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    Blend door may be failing - depends on the type of heating system- could be a temperature sensor in the cabin etc.

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    Make sure your radiator is full  

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