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I have three cats and they all eat the same food. But one weighs almost 21 pounds.?

My cat weighs almost 21 pounds but the other cat weigh 8-10 pounds and they all get the same amount. Please help!!

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    Do you feed them separately and make sure there's no stealing, or could the larger cat be taking food from the others? 

    If they are fed entirely separately and leftovers confiscated so there's no possibility the larger cat could be sneaking extras, consult your veterinarian. The larger cat could have a health condition causing weight gain, or smaller cats could have a condition causing them not to gain weight. The vet can advise whether you're feeding appropriate quantities and determine why you're experiencing this issue. 

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    feed the fat cat a diet cat food u can get from the vet.Feed her in another room to keep her from eating the other cats food. If she can go  outside maybe she is eating and killing small critters or may someone in the neighbourhood is feeding her.

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    One cat is eating most of the food of the other cats.......... you need to feed the others separately so they can eat their own food and cut down on the fat cats meal size

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