Travis asked in Consumer ElectronicsCameras · 2 months ago

What camera is better canon powershot sx420 or nikon b500?

Looking to take pictures mainly outside and of family during holidays 

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  • garry
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    both are good for family snaps but over priced , dont expect them to do professional pictures ..

  • keerok
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Judging from photos and specs in the internet, what I like about the B500 is that it's bigger so it's more stable in my hands. It also has that mode dial on top which will lessen the time considerably hunting for the right setting in the menu system. I like the fact that it offers manual exposure control, unlike the SX420, because I really tinker a lot on settings to get it right in-camera. Best of all, the B500, because it uses a CMOS sensor, can shoot far more photos than the SX420 in a single battery charge.

    The problem is that I have never ever seen or held any of these cameras and from experience, in general, I prefer the ease of use of Canon point-and-shoot cameras over Nikon's. It will all boil down to what you think is best for you. Here's a link comparing the two cameras, head-to-head. Just see what makes sense to you and go from there or simply decide which fits your budget. 

    Personally, there's not much difference. They're almost the same age and they have their own strengths and weaknesses that cancel each other out. In the end though, picture quality still depends mostly on the skill of the photographer. The camera is only a tool.

  • Sumi
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Both cameras aren't all that good.  However, the B500 is likely to be a better camera for those who need the following features:

    1) Wider 22.5mm lens vs the 24mm in the SX420.  Doesn't sound like a lot, but that is about 10% which can be helpful when you can't step back any further for those indoor group shots or travel landscapes.

    2) Tilting LCD screen makes shooting at extreme angles far more easier.  But it is only tilting, so you won't be able to see yourself in the LCD for selfies.  The Nikon's screen has 3x the resolution than that of the SX420.

    3) Fewer pixels but at the expense of having better low-light image quality.  I was not able to find sample images, so I have to assume this to be true since both cameras are relatively old 2016 models.

    If you ever take night shots on a tripod, the SX420 has a maximum shutter speed of 15 seconds.  The Nikon B500's longest shutter speed is only one second which is pretty pathetic.

    The SX420 uses a rechargeable lithium battery pack.  The Nikon B500 uses AA batteries.  For this reason alone I would discourage anyone from buying the B500. Nobody should ever buy a digital camera that is powered by AA batteries.  These cameras don't have the power required to operate effectively especially in terms of their auto focusing, writing data to the memory card, flash photos, etc... 

    Look at getting something with a modest zoom range of something around 24mm~150mm since the vast majority of photos are taken within this range.  Heck, most people are fine with their phones which only have a single 28mm (35mm equivalent) lens.  Unless you're taking photos of people far away (e.g. sports) you really will be hard pressed to find a need for a zoom range beyond 150mm.

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