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Which psychopath thought it was okay to make it industrial practice to grind male baby chicks alive on egg farms?


I hope the psychopath gets ground up alive too to make him/ her realise how it feels

Update 3:

@οικος, it's psychopathic. If you think it's okay for an animal and a baby as well on their first day of life to be chopped to death into a million pieces then I hope you go through the same thing.

Update 4:

It's immoral and evil. 

Update 5:

 How is being ground to deal into a million pieces better than getting your head chopped off? They're both torture out of a horror movie. 

Update 6:

@οικος, you're a desensitized piece of ****. I hope you go to hell and get ground up there and stay alive so that your stupid excuse of a brain will finally understand how WRONG it is to grind a creature to death.

Update 7:

We don't even grind criminals to death yet an innocent baby chick is okay to be ground to death? It's not about emotions, it's about MORALITY AND ETHICS, Idiot. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Someone who thought with his brain, not his emotions. That is a quick death, much better than being eaten by a snake, having your head chopped off, or (worst of all) becoming an Easter pet for some child.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Children find out about that eventually...

    While we teach them manner's and how to be nice...

    What will happen if they know they're fed back to the chickens...

    It's a distraction in their development...

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