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should i stop speaking to this guy?

brief history..two years ago i met him and we instantly connected, we would talk for hours on end. i went to his house several times and we would kiss and hang out, nothing sexual ever happened. things were great until he started distancing himself from me for reasons i do not know. i told him we could just be friends and that would be ok with me because we got along so well. he still acted distant and we talked less and less... so he was in my contacts still and i decided to wish him happy thanksgiving. he seemed really happy and started talking to me like the first time we spoke, asking me to send him a pic of how i look now. we talked for awhile and then he went silent again. i messaged him and he said only a few words. he's so weird, like what is his problem?! should i delete him for good?

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    Dude yes. Cut him out he’s clearly not good for you and if you continue to talk then you’re gonna imagine a dreamed up idea of him and end up disappointed finding out that he doesn’t like you and is just a creepy horny dude that needs a hobbie rather than jumping between girls. You’re only temporary for him. And they only eat that anything would happen between you too would be if you had sex but needless yous end up putting in all the effort for a jerk.........

    P.S sorry if this sounded really angry but this lowkey happened to me 

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