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What are considered "good grades" in college?

This was my first semester of college, and, needless to say, it didn't go as well as expected. All of my classes this semester were online, so that made things a little harder for me. In high school (I went to a private college prep school with a total of 800 students 9th-12th, in case that makes a difference), I got mainly A's. The lowest course grade I got was a B in a math and science course. But ever since I started at my big public college it seems as though getting the same grades has been significantly harder. On the homework and quizzes I have gotten 100s or in the 90s but the online exams make up a much larger percentage of my grade (and happen less often) than they did in high school. And the homework and quizzes that I spend majority of my time on are barely worth anything. Because of this and my struggle to form new study habits for a new school environment, I am ending off the semester with these grades:

C/C- Chemistry

B- Intro to Neuroscience

B+ Trigonometry 

A+ Spanish 

A+ Freshman Seminar class

A Chemistry Lab

I thought going to the high school I went to would help me succeed in college but these grades say otherwise. So my question is: what grades are considered "good grades" in college? And any advice on how to improve my grades in the upcoming semester especially with this pandemic and online learning? 

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  • garry
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    2 months ago

    good 80% or b .. means good grades.. c is passable for a below average person .

  • 2 months ago

    I’ll offer you a different way to see things.

    College is not high school, as you’ve discovered.  Your success depends more now on your personal habits and organization.  Think of yourself as being “employed as a professional student.”  Start seeing school as your job.

    To get your best grades, I would encourage you to set standards for yourself only.  When we compare ourselves to others, it’s distracting.When I was in college, I had no idea what others were getting.  But I set personal, achievable goals for myself in each class.

    However, my greatest tool to get those grades was that I was determined to not just get correct answers, but to understand WHY the answer was the point where I could teach it to someone else.  (You’ll start having other students come to you for help!)

    That’s an attitude adjustment that could change things for you.  Your target is no longer a number, it’s understanding.  And when your target is understanding, trust me, those numbers will really reflect it.

  • drip
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    2 months ago

    University level classes are harder than high school classes.

    Yes they are run differently, so most incoming freshman find the need to reevaluate their study skills.

    My daughter’s linear algebra class grade was based on five exams and the final.  All the “homework” she did was not graded and for her own benefit. She aced all the exams. 

    Check with your school’s grading policies. At some school a C- can be failing and you would not receive credits for the class. 

    You may want to inquire about retaking that chem class.

    If you are going on to graduate school you want to be well above a cumulative 3.0 gpa. 

    If you are online next semester I think you may want to kick out more general education classes. I see no English, history or humanities classes.

    Many new freshman do a lot worse that A’s and B’s their first semester. You are not doing badly, expect for chemistry.

    Sit down over the winter break and figure out what needs to change in your study habits.

    Did you reach out for any help in Chemistry? 

    You get help before your grade drops to a C.  Don’t wait for it to happen before you find help. 

    You may also find you need to adjust and adapt your study skills for different professors. 

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    As and Bs. are good grades in college. If your college uses a +/-  GPA scale, a C- is a 1.67. A C is a 2.00000 . No matter what anyone tells you, anything below a 2.00 is NOT a passing grade. It is also incorrect that for graduate students a C is not a passing grade. A C IS a passing grade. For graduate students a term when your GPA for ALL courses is below 3.00000 determines whether you are put on academic probation or not. I was a graduate?student for over 10 years. I do know what I am talking about. I dropped out of college for 7 YEARS because I was unable to get off of academic probation. Yes, I DID go back to college AND graduate school. 

    Very likely your GPA for the term will be well above a 3.000000. You might get on the Dean's list for good grades. 

    Since I went private college prepatory schools 50 and more years ago the one major difference was some college classes went onto a lot more adept and detail than many high school iclassescor there was not much difference. The one exception was American history which they tried to stuff into 2 semesters instead of 3 in 6the early 1970s. You might get up to to wall Street crashing in October 1929 and the Great Depression and maybe a mention of the Dust Bowl and the second semester would. The Dust Bowl is?why my mother didn't live until her 55th birthday. It became very personal family history for me. 

    I was writing college level  research papers with footnotes and reference pages in the 7th grade. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Your grades are fine for an undergrad program, often in graduate programs (for Masters or above) the passing grade becomes a B. 

  • John
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    2 months ago

    I would agree that your grades are good, especially for a time when many are struggling to make the adjustment between high school and college styles of academics.  The only problem area is Chemistry.  You also have some rather challenging courses, with the exception of Freshmen Seminar.  I would imagine, however, that is a mandatory course.  Use the concepts they taught in Freshmen Seminar to improve your Chemistry grade, and you should be fine.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    You're doing fine.  The only concern is your Chemistry grade. I'd encourage you to consider hiring a tutor for Chemistry if you are hoping to get into medical or grad school. Chemistry is a stumbling block for a lot of students, so don't feel too bad.  The issue is that you may need to retake any class that a pre-med requirement where you get below a B. 

    The other thing is just to take advantage of any opportunities to "meet" with your TAs and professors.  It is hard for everyone to be online and it is often difficult to understand exactly what a professor wants from you. The more you can ask questions, the better. 

  • Paul
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    2 months ago

    These are quite good grades.  If you continue to get mostly A's  and B's with the occasionally C you should be happy.  As a long time member of a university scholarship committee I would consider you for a scholarship.

    Emeritus Prof

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    First of all, you have to consider that most of the students in your college classes also got all As and Bs in high school. The competition is significantly harder. That said, your grades are fine. What are you planning to major in? Many students have a more difficult time in classes outside their major/areas of interest in their freshman and sophomore years. It gets a bit easier when you're taking mostly classes in your major. If you were planning on going to medical school, you might be in a bit of trouble. Otherwise, you don't need to get too stressed. My university is going back onsite for many classes in the spring. Is yours staying online? Online classes really just take more time management and discipline. They're not really any harder than sitting in a large lecture class and doing most of the learning on your own anyway. 

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