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How to get diagnosed with Borderline under 18?

Hi, my names Laena and i’m 17. Sin

ce i was 14 I have been showing symptoms of BPD and over the years all they’ve done is get worse. I’ve tried all the different anti depressants for someone my age and none of them have worked (I’m guessing this is because I need mood stabilisers instead) but my mental health team are still refusing to diagnose me with borderline since i’m under 18. I really don’t know what to do anymore as it’s got to the point where i can’t cope because i’m receiving completely no help for it. Is there anything I can do to get them to diagnose me? I’m really struggling and I don’t know where else to turn.


i am not just one of those people who just self diagnose anything, i have this. it’s so obvious and everyone who knows me agrees, even my therapist said he thinks i do but he can’t say anything for definite. i am SEVENTEEN, i’m not a child and my brain is mostly formed. it’s been 3 long years of this relentless pain and i am so so suicidal because of all of this. it feels like i’m never going to get help. please don’t invalidate me

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    According to the DSM there is no age restrictionto the diagnosis of BPD so Im not sure why you are having this struggle. Teens can certainly have it.  Also, meds are no help at all.

    You need intensive therapy for years to learn how to cope.  Continue to work with your therapists, keep asking for help. Dont get frustrated. Part of your illness tells you to be impulsive.  Being aware of this, talk to your therapist about your frustrations in "getting diagnosed".  If your therapist already believes you are then they should already be helping you

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    What are you hoping will happen if you are diagnosed with borderline personality disorder? I think that's an important question to ask yourself, what will change if you get that diagnosis? I ask because it's a diagnosis that carries a lot of stigma, there are counselors who refuse to work with clients diagnosed with BPD. Have you been engaging in counseling? If not, why? Are you prepared to engage in counseling and DBT treatment (evidence-based practice developed specifically for treating BPD and other chronically suicidal people)? A diagnosis is useless unless you are going to use it to get the treatment you need. 

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    They don’t want to diagnose you yet because your brain isn’t fully developed and as young teenagers you will surely go through emotional roller coasters doesn’t necessarily mean you have bpd. You can’t self diagnose yourself just yet. Wait till your 18 years old than get properly assessed. Counselling is always there for you 

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    you see your regular doctor and go from there

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