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Ex problems?

So I (a girl, teen) lost my virginity to my ex boyfriend back in July. We dated pretty much the entire Summer and he broke up with me over text at around 3 in the morning in late August when at the time we seemed completely happy. He dated 2 people after me after using the excuse "I wasn't ready for a relationship/I need to focus on myself" He made me feel like it was all my fault. I am friends with the girl he dated after me and I put together that he cheated on his ex (before me) with me. He denies it (obviously), telling his ex (after me) that ex (before me) was perfect and I wasn't even half of his ex (before me) knowing damn right all I ever did was love him and respect him. He knows how bad my mental health is because of him and he keeps bringing me down even when I don't talk to him personally. What should I do?


I worded the part around my mental health wrong, it was already bad since I have PTSD from my mom getting physically/mentally abused by her ex boyfriend in front of me for 6 years. After me nd my ex broke up he said things about me, knowing what happened and knowing how it would affect me. He was my first, I hate knowing how he took advantage of me

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    Your mental health is your issue to solve.  He is not responsible for it.

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