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Is there a way you can put yourself in a short coma ?

I know.... I should get some help. I just want a break from life , without committing suicide . I just want some time to rest. 


Sorry for asking this, lol. I’m not in the greatest mental state,

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    Are you in the middle of exams? I remember feeling that way, at the end of a semester, as I was staying up all night writing papers and studying. We used to half-joke about how nice it would be to be dead and lying in a cool, dark place. We didn't really mean it, though. If you are just frazzled, try to figure out some positive steps you can take to get you through it. I probably shouldn't say this, but some people have found that the CBD products you can now buy. in many states have a very calming effect. If you think it's more serious than that, there are online medical and psychological services. You might be able to get a prescription for something that will help. 

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    You could try yoga and meditation. 

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    only a medical practitioner (MD or DO)  can do that, without the proper medical training that would be disastrous, to say the least, more like life-threatening.

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