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Why does noone discuss some of the negative health risks wearing masks has on people?

I've seen someone have nose bleeding after wearing a particular mask, sometimes when I wear masks I have a headache or feel like it's restricting my breathing. Also I hear breathing ik through makes is very toxic to the lungs.  What do you guys have to say about this? I get they're supposed to protect others, but what about the people who are sensitive to the masks?

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    I am one of the people who felt nauseous and get headaches from wearing mask.  I found the $2 cotton masks at Target much more comfortable, then ones that are homemade.

    Additionally, if you want more protection get a KN95 mask.  They are about $30 for 10.  These should fit close on the sides but actually provide a space so the mask is not right next to your nose and mouth.

    And to the people who say "suck it up, healthcare providers do it" - i've asked plenty of healthcare providers in the last 8 months how they can wear the the mask comfortably and I can't  = they don't say "BS", they say yeah that happens and provide no advice. 

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    You mean like suffocation, toxic chemical smells from the manufacturing process and breathing in toxic cloth particles that break away from the mask itself?

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    Hell, my family wears 2 face masks the doctors told us nurses and other health workers wear 2 for better protection! If you can't stand wearing a mask try a face shield!

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    Unless you have a serious condition like COPD, there is no valid excuse for NOT wearing a mask. You're describing anxiety or claustrophobia, not a legitimate health issue. Nurses & doctors wear them continuously for 8-12 hours without distress. And nobody ever got a nosebleed from wearing a mask! Shields are not a substitute-- they only direct your exhaled breath downward. Stop being such a snowflake.

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    People who have legitimate issues with masks do not have to wear them, but they can and should at least wear a light covering like a loose, thin scarf that should not cause them problems. 

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    Because for most people, the negative effects are outweighed by the benefits.  It’s not like you have to wear a mask 24 hours a day.  

    And if you don’t like a mask covering up your nose, you have other options.

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