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Should I create a course about a topic that I’m really good in/knowledgeable about, but not passionate about?

So I’ve been thinking about creating a course as a side hustle. I have a lot of knowledge about Excel, and was considered an Excel master in my past two jobs. I also self taught myself Excel, and the one thing I wish was out there was a course that gave real world workplace Excel examples. So they’re a lot of courses that teach you HOW to use vlookup, HOW to create a pivot table, etc, but never the WHY or WHEN to use each method...

Now I can easily create this course. However, I’m not an Excel-fanatic nor do I want to be. I don’t hate Excel, I’m just really good at it. I read online that after creating the course you have to “be prepared” for the topic to become your life. Is this true? Should I still create this course? 

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    2 months ago

    There are lots of free places to go for help with Excel.

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