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What breed of a dog is a best pet?

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    Your question is a bit broad. The best breed for me is small, funny, and clingy but other people maybe they want a large dog who is athletic or a herding breed for a herding sport, ect. So more detail is needed for your question. 

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    We don't know a thing about you, so nobody here could possibly answer this question in regards to which breed would be the best pet for you.  Do your own research on the breeds you're interested in and see if any of them would fit your lifestyle and expectations.  If you do decide on a breed, work equally as hard to find a good and reputable breeder vs. a backyard breeder who shouldn't be breeding ANY dogs at all.

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    All I ever had was Chihuahuas and Yorkies, I personally like Chihuahuas as long as you train them right, and socialize them! They are very loving, and never leaves you side! My aunt has a yellow lab and he is independent, my mom has a shih tzu and again very independent. But as long as you train or treat any dog right, they will be a good pet!

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    That depends on what you want in a pet!

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    The kind that best fits your lifestyle.

    ANY breed has the potential to be a good pet- in the right home.

    What is a good breed for one person, is a terrible choice for another

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    The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog as pets & it has been that way for about 30 or so years.  But there are so many different breeds that other people like, over 400 different breeds.  I like the big dogs or even bigger dogs but do not have any desire to own a little dog.  Some people like the little dogs & would not have a big dog in their homes.  It all depends on what you want in a dog.  There has to be a breed or two that you are drawn to.  A Poodle is the pretty smart & can come in large or small.  The hang up with Poodles is that they need to be groomed every two months or so.  Grooming costs can add up.  The smartest of all dogs is the Border Collie but they require a massive amount of exercise.  Same with the Husky.

    To learn more about the different breed check out the AKC Breeds site & check out the standards of each breed you are attracted to.  You can also check out the National Breed Clubs for each breed.

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