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How should a girl respond if the man that they had believed they would be getting engaged to on her next (21st) birthday...?

...just suddenly broke of the relationship completely with no explanation other than "I can't see this working for us so I want it to end NOW.

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    While I understand the desire for closure, it appears he wanted to end things   You can probably request a more detailed explanation, but  he will probably not give it.  He didn't want to get married.  That means he was not sure that you were "the one"  Or he may have wanted to have more freedom to see what else is out there.  Hi might have met someone else and decided he wanted to be single.  So you can request that conversation but if he was cheating, he won't be honest.   The truth will eventually come out.  I think what would be best for you is to move on, keep busy and break all contact with him.  In other words, no response.  No contact

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