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I want to move to the US one day but.. I want only Americans to answer this question!?

I am afraid of getting sick and not being able to afford to see a doctor or even end up having debts because of having to see doctors or specialists. I dont know whether I am completely healthy right now, but I dont think I am.. 😢 I am afraid only because of the healthcare cost. Americans, how are you paying everything off? I am from a third world shithole and I want to move to the US for a better life.

PS: canadians stay the f out of my question! Stop talking bad stuff about Americans and learn how to be respectful towards everyone, for your sake! I would rather stay in my third world country than move to your country (canada)! I wouldn’t move to canada even if someone offered me billions of dollars! AMERICA WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER THAN CANADA REGARDING EVERYTHING, PERIOD! STAY MAD NOW AND STAY THE F OUT OF MY QUESTION BC I CANT STAND YOUR FILTHY NEGATIVE ENERGY! AND YEAH, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HEALTHCARE NOW, SO AMERICA’S HEALTHCARE IS BETTER THAN YOURS! PERIOD!


I dont wanna move to Australia and I am not Canadian or in Canada right now (THANK GOD). I think you didnt read the description fully, I am from a third world country and I wanna go to America for a better life since I have always wanted to live there! Australia is too far away from everywhere and I would never move to Canada! EVER! I would rather stay where I am than move to Canada! I love the US and wanna move there one day!

Update 2:

Go f yourself, you stupid canadian called jeannie! I told you stupid moronic canadians to stay away from my question! canadians want to go to USA not vice versa.Now get the f off and I am asking American people, I stated this in my description yet you are here answering and writing something unrelated! Go f yourselves u moronic and dumb canadians!

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    You’re clearly butt hurt and ranting moronic rants that no one cares about your opinion. Stop being over emotional. Opinions aren’t facts. People who live in America want to get away and move to Canada. Just shut your mouth already 

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  • Anonymous
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    Nothing's cheap in the United States... you're better off in Australia

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    2 months ago

    Our healthcare is a joke. We pay out the butt to pay MORE and MORE all the time. Immigrants get better healthcare than I do and cheaper, because gee, I PAY FOR IT out of my paycheck. Do you know how much it costs to have a baby here? A HEALTHY NORMAL BABY??? Average bill, AFTER insurance has covered it is about $6500. Heaven forbid you have a premie or your baby is born wrong, or have triplets, those bills going to the millions, not even joking. Pre-existing condition? Not covered. Deductibles? Thousands of dollars before you're even close to getting your actual coverage, and even then, it's still horrifically expensive to see anyone. Cancer? TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on treatments that are conveniently not covered by your insurance. 

    Stay the hell in Canada. Seriously. I don't need to pay for another one. 

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