Should I join the reserves before med school (pre med)?

Background: I am currently a sophomore in college in New Jersey, studying Health and Disease on the pre med track. I’m looking for help paying for undergrad and med school while also getting the clinical hours I need for med school. I recently went to a Navy recruiter with my sister (who is a Navy veteran) and I’m looking at joining the Navy reserves and training to be a hospital corpsman. In the future, I know for sure I would like to apply for the HPSP program and hopefully one day work with PTSD patients in the military.

However, over thanksgiving I talked to my family about this, and my brothers (who are both veterans, Army and Airforce) encouraged me to talk to another recruiter who deals specifically with medicine in the military. I know recruiters aren’t the most honest, so before I talk to another recruiter I want to ask...

1) Would my commitment to the reserves conflict with med school down the road?

2) Does joining the reserves give me a leg up when it comes to being accepted for HPSP?

3) I’m a woman, and I recently went to a protest my sister organized about sexual trauma in the military. It obviously seems to be a problem which worries me ofc, but all of the veterans I met said they would recommend a young woman enlisting despite their experiences. Thoughts?

Any other advice is very welcome!

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  • Mrsjvb
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    1: yep.  You don’t get excused from weekend drill or your two weeks AT for studies or exams

    2: nope.  Zero impact whatsoever 

    3: your gender is irrelevant.  Dont be a prima Donna, or a prude who looks for reasons to be offended, and you’ll be treated like a professional.

    The reserves offers squat for financial aid.  Navy Reserves has even less than squat.  The National Guard has the best.  Depending on State, all undergrad classes could be covered between TA and the state funded perks.  

    HPSP is extremely hard to get into.  Furthermore, most LCSW  who specialize in PTSD are civilians.  

  • 2 months ago

    1, the navy reserves offers the fewest educational; benefits of any service branch

    2. for HPSP-- being in the reserves means nothing

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