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Whats the difference between saying "Yours sincerely" and "Yours" when ending an email?

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    You don't end an email that way. Those are endings for letters, and there's really not much difference, although "Yours Sincerely" is more formal and used more in business letters. 

    Here's a webpage with examples of closings- but you'd only do this for a formal email to a teacher or someone you don't know.

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    One is less formal.  yours just has an implied "sincerely" or "truly" or whatever.  Lets the reader choose whatever they want, and avoids insult or any possible idea of being overly close, perhaps.  It is a colder, more distance way to end a letter.

    I don't find that people very much use "yours sincerely" or any similar terms of respectful ending when writing emails.

  • 2 months ago

    You would typically use the word 'sincerely' when you are speaking to a close friend or aquaintance as opposed to someone you do not know as well, or are only business associates with. 

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