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I don't want to hang out with this kid?

I'm in seventh grade. There's this girl whose nice but we have different senses of humor and aren't interested in the same things so it's impossible to have a productive conversation with her. Usually when you don't click with someone, you don't try to push a friendship, but she does. When she texts me, I usually give her a one word reply because I'm not interested in being friends. Here's how our last text conversation went: (btw two mutual friends got into a fight)

Her: It's pretty awkward being friends with someone whose friends with (insert friend name) but I'm okay. I just don't want you to be mad at me or me to be mad at youMe: Okay that worksHer: Haha yeah lol. Do you want to hang out sometime?

I don't want to hang out sometime. Sorry if that makes me rude and exclusive, but I'm just not invested in this "friendship". We dated for a couple days in sixth grade because it's nice to give people a chance and when I broke up with her because I had "too much going on," she still just kept trying to make plans, so saying I'm busy isn't going to work this time. I'm really tired of always having to constantly spare her feelings, so what's a nice way to finally get her to leave me alone without making her sad?

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    You're probably going to have to do the, "You're a nice person but I just don't think we have anything in common" conversation at some point. 

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