Small eyebrow piercing?

I've wanted and eyebrow piercing forever! I really like small, tight piercings that hug either side of the brow with a barbell or ring. Most piercings I've seen are very deep and come over very low on the brow... I really don't want that. Is there any reason why the tight piercing isn't as common? Does it have something to do with rejection or healing, or is it just a style? TYIA

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  • 2 months ago
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    Honestly, some people just get lazy and keep in bigger jewelry, OR it can be difficult for them to have a tighter bar because they can't get their fingers in there to clean it/change it as needed. Also, eyebrows are one of those, the longer you have it, the more it migrates and tries to heal itself. Nose and lip piercings have more staying power, because nose: it's cartilage, and lip, it's stuck in between flesh and skin. Your skin cycle is every 29 days or so, and the eyebrow being pretty much a surface piercing, falls victim to the skin constantly shedding and growing, causing it to migrate and fall out over time. The piercing gets looser and looser, so to speak. 

    You can have a tight ring/barbell as you wish after the healing and swelling are over, but don't expect it to stay tight for years. It will get baggy and loose and migrate eventually, so be prepared for that.

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