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My best friend read my message and didnt reply, it was something important?

so i messaged my best friend saying hi please reply asap, its important and she responded with hi whats important and i told her the question (i cant say on here its a private thing) and she saw it and didnt reply i said i know she saw my message and why didnt she reply and sent some sad faces and she saw that and STILL didnt reply. I feel really upset, what do u guys think i should say and whats wrong?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Anything that appears to be somewhat life-threatening or is bothersome enough to warrant an asap, shouldn't you have rung the person or at best gone round to see them? However, your interpretation of the friendships is yours and yours alone as she gaged/judged your actions as to what really is an asap and sadly you appear to be a clingy friend that she appears to solely tolerate as opposed to placing you high on her agender when it comes to one of your cry wolf dramas! As for what to make of it, or even what to say, I'd think before blindly losing your rag and possibly the only friend that is prepared to listen to your whinging that's frequent, hence, her being your only ally as you tend to overreact way too often, so be warned? Why? Because you could very well lose the only ally you have due to your clingy dramatical nature at attempting to ask for support!

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