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what is it with the ma'am and miss......?

This is weird. I am 32 years old, I wear a mask right now and nobody is going to look hot and cute wearing a mask and how would anyone know my age when a mask is covering my face. I don't have a forehead full of wrinkles and tiny wrinkled eyes seems like the Ma'am comes all at once when it comes like did I age 20 years in a week? Am I sounding like a elderly old lady when I speak? and than a couple service workers will interchangeably call me Miss and ma'am. So if they use both titles why some times is it Miss or nothing and than the ma'am'ing starts like they are all tuned into each other than it stops again for a while. and you wonder why women complain about this title? If there were no titles or just one title but when the circus of maming starts I wonder if I should head to botox and fillers or change my hair or talk more high pitched and bubbly.  why is it when the ma'am starts it goes on for a little while than stops again. dosen't ma'am refer to ugly , unattractive, older ?


some times it's miss all the time or nothing and some times it's ma'am for a while like what the hell and I start to say "sir, ma'am sir ma'am " back at them.

Update 2:

Some times I think it's done intentionally trying to indirectly call a woman old or ugly and or who has a right to make assumptions about my age or marital status. The young guys and middle aged people are the worse ones and it's like you're middle age and you're ageist? and the young guys are going to be old some day. sooner than they think and I am not old, I am not a kid but not old

Update 3:

A ma'am or Miss can even mean if you are dressed down or all spruced up, the color or style of your hair, if your eye make up pops your eyes that day or they look plain which is BS, just like you can not say hi fatso hi skinny olive oyl, hi ugly why can somebody say hi oldie or hi cute and young? and I don't want strangers throwing their opinions in my face, that's what they are doing

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    2 months ago
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    You're paranoid!  Whether you get called Miss, Mrs, Ma'am, Lady, or whatever doesn't matter at all.  None of them imply anything at all about your age or attractiveness.

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    I guess you have a really big problem with being called "ma'am". But it's YOUR problem - not the problem of people harmlessly using a harmless term.

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    i wouldnt worry about it, they couldve called you worse stuff

  • Jerry
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    It is never incorrect to address a lady as ma'am. Those who have some idea that it's insulting fail to grasp the dignity of formal address. 

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  • Anonymous
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    WE the proper, polite and very considerate Democrats from Northern states have always indeed been taught the importance of RESPECT for girls and women. I have been employed in the work force various potions for over 40 years. And my first instinct when meeting young women is to address them as; "Ma'am when I say it's very nice to meet you; "Ma'am.

    As well as when I am working for the given company and assisting my given female employees. When they either are requesting my assistance or instructing me in regards to a given duty; my given response is ALWAYS; YES MA'AM. When I am in a general conversation that is when I would address them by their first name. However there have been the times when I did indeed show extra RESPECT for the given coworkers whom worked for the company 10 years and the one time in which I worked with a given coworker whom had worked there for 50 years as

    Ms. -. "Yes Ms. Becky." "Yes Ms. Paubla." "Yes Ms. Peggy."  It's simply our sincere effort of showing RESPECT. When I am at the store or bank or a company and the sweet lady helps me; my response is always; "thank you; "Ma'am." It's just the RIGHT THING TO DO.

  • ?
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    Ma'am means respect. It doesn't mean old, and it doesn't mean ugly. It most likely means you are the customer and it is being said by a worker who is showing courtesy as part of doing their job.

    The differences between miss and ma'am are not observed anymore, for the same reason that the difference between "your" and "you're" often go unobserved these days. They have been forgotten by many. In the original meanings, "miss" was short for mademoiselle, which always meant an unmarried female, including little girls. And "ma'am" was short for madam which meant a married female. Both were meant respectfully, and that is still true. However the other meanings, of married or unmarried, aren't being considered now, when cashiers and delivery drivers will just say whatever they think they are supposed to say to sound polite. 

    Believe me, they don't want to call you ugly and get themselves in trouble with their employer. Please don't make yourself unhappy by adding an insult to their words which isn't there. 

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