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Can I have some advice, please?

My girlfriend and I are both 22 and we have been dating for 2 years. She recently asked for a break to “figure herself out” because she is really stressed with family issues. I don’t understand why we can’t work it out together, but she just says she needs a break. I told her to just contact me when she is ready so I wouldn’t bother her and she texted back and told me I could text her or call her anytime I wanted and that I wouldn’t bother her at all. I ended up texting her yesterday telling her. I was thinking about her and she was really friendly and even used the heart and wonky face emojis in her texts. She finally sent me she text saying, “Thank you for texting me that cute dog picture today 💗 I really enjoyed that. Please know that even on a break, I still love you unconditionally. That is something that will not change.” 

Do you think this break means we are close to being over? She still wants a break, but is being really nice and I don’t understand. 

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