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Did I just faint/ nearly collapse due to my low iron, what is this?...?

So I have low iron, normalyl get dizzy whilst waking up and standing but I catch myself. Was better recently so decided not to go to docs. Then today I woke up went to bathroom, felt like I was dizzy, felt sick like vomitty. Stood up and I was feeling really dizzy and felt like I was going to collapse. Went downn stairs to my mum slowly but quickly so she could find me if I collapsed. Everything became dark and I felt deteached from my body. The worst part was I wasnt fainting. I felt my head go cold from the inside and below my abdomen go cold ie my legs. I thought its time im going to collapse and die. I felt like I was between life and death. Told my mum to call ambulance. But I was waiting to see if im going to collapse and just before I do I can tell her. But i wasnt going anywhere. I sat onto the sofa and slowly I got a bit better. Laid down and it went away. Tried to get back up and started to feel dizzy. Now im up and very cautious. Never happened to me before

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