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Chronic sinus infection for over a year. Is that dangerous ?

The medical place failed to tell me that I had a sinus infection when I took a CT scan in January of this year.

I’m barely taking antibiotics.

Since I’ve been having this problem for idk how long. Let’s assume more than year, what are the chances it already infected my bone or brain. 

What are the symptoms of that? Cause I’ve been having a lot of facial pains and headaches lately 

Thank you. 

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  • Carmen
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    Hello concerned one yes a chronic sinus infection can be dangerous especially untreated for that long period of time and could be the reasons for facial pain and headaches lately. Seek further answers on what could be done about the other facility that withheld crucial information health wise. Do research on your symptoms and diagnostic. Pray no further problems or complications come from the lack of irresponsible previous results. 

  • Anonymous
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