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To the armed security guards what should I expect as an armed guard??

I am new to being an armed security guard.  I am being posted here Oakland, CA at Jack in the box.  I have done five years as unarmed security.  


@ Securitas.

Update 2:

@ Summertime, thanks for the detailed information I don't know if I can actually keep up.  

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    "Oakland has consistently been listed as one of the most dangerous large cities in the United States." 

    "Oakland homicides have now [Sep. 2020] topped 100 for the first time in seven years, 94 of those are considered murders by Oakland police. A preliminary crime report from the Oakland Police Department with data as recent as Sept. 27 shows that assaults with a firearm increased 44% this year from the same period last year, shootings into an occupied home or vehicle increased 41% and shootings into an unoccupied home or vehicle increased 52%."Get a bigger gun.

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    You're expected to do your job,

    Protect yourself on the job and do the right thing...

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