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If Barry (The Flash) can run in Time And Space with nothing to step on, why can't he run on air?

Can't he just rapidly stomp his feet and create air current to propel him into the air kind of like how he does his arm tornado? I mean, one piece kind of does that and they are not even as fast as him. Also, even if he's moving sooooo fast that there is no air molecule for him to step on, he should still be able to move their the air if he's able to move inside the time/dimension portal which has nothing for him to step on.

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    So, running/driving on water makes sense and can be done if you're going fast enough.  You don't even have to be moving at 'Flash' speeds.  It's a thing real life people have done.  Driving I mean, not running.  But water is heavier and is incompressible.  

    Could you do the same to air?  I...don't think so.  To run (or even not fall), you need the ground or whatever you're pushing against to 'push back'.  This push back could be as simple as the object's inertia in not wanting to move.  The heavy and incompressible water molecules will try to flow out of the way, but only so fast as they need to move alot of OTHER water molecules in order to make room.

    But air molecules can just compress.  Barry's foot hits those air molecules and pushes on them, sure they want to even out pressure with the rest of the body of air, but at Barry's speed, they can't do that fast enough.  But unlike water, it might just create a high pressure area under Barry's foot as he kicks.

    Now, that high pressure area would push against Barry's foot but ... would it push ENOUGH to propel him forward?  I kind of doubt it because it's such a small volume and it's so light to begin with.  Further, as Barry moves forward, his body is pushing the air out of the way in front of him.  If this effect created enough high pressure air under his foot to propel him, wouldn't his forward motion create an equal or greater high pressure area in front of him to slow him down?

    No, why is he able to do it inside time/dimension portals?  Because writers don't tend to think about stuff.  But to come up with an in-universe explanation, let's say that the energy in these wormholes creates a sort of non-Newtonian fluid type of effect at the borders of the tunnels.  Why?  Plot.  I mean, they're fictional physics, so they work how the writer wants them to work.  As long as  the writer is consistent, I can't complain too loudly.

    Also, please change your user name.  There are kids who get on these forums at times. 

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