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Covid 19 Deaths ?

Are people dying from Covid from obesity alone or the underlying conditions that some people have from obesity? 

Honestly worried because I’m a 22 year old White Male with a BMI of around 35. I’m 6’5 and 290. With 0 underlying health conditions except being overweight. This virus gives me anxiety. I can’t even leave the house to go to work because I’m so worried 

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    As a RN wear 2 face masks a good one to get is a KN95 and put a regular mask over that! Or wear a regular mask with a face shield! Always wash hands, and social distance 6ft. As for obesity they said it can play a role, along with diabetes (even skinny people can have it). Good luck, don't let this virus trap you inside your home! Also for safety get emergen-c or airborne vitamin drink, take it once daily!

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    Did you get the vitamin D I suggested?

    I have an extra bottle.  If you are in the LBC area, I will give it to you.

    Covid illness progression is based on inflammation in the body.  None of us know we have it, the cleaner we live, the younger we are the less inflammation we have.

    - In the US we don't talk about smoking/vaping and covid.  Europe is seeing a significant reduction in the smoking rates.  Smoking/vaping doesn't seem to increase your risk of getting covid but it increases your risk of complications.

    - Try to eat healthy.  Lots of veggies, not much fried food

    You do not need to hide from the virus.  When you are out wear two masks and a mask+face shield.  If you actually do this faithfully (not "most of the time") you are as likely to win the powerball as you are to get covid.  Sure, it still "can" happen but extremely not likely.

    Please don't hide because of covid.  You can interact safely.  Getting out helps your immune system.

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