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Isn't it odd how the average TV screen size keeps increasing?

Back when I was a kid in the 1990s, my family had a 27" tube TV and that was considered big at the time. Then when I got my first 32" flat screen HDTV, I was very happy with it because it was 5 inches bigger than the tube TV my family had. But now a 32" inch TV became laughable as time went on because that screen size is now considered puny. So I ended up upgrading to a 43" TV a couple of years ago and was astounded the day I bought it at how big it seemed at the time. And considered I live in a studio apartment, it definitely felt very big. But today, anything smaller than 55" is becoming laughable. So here I am back to square one and feel compelled to upgrade to a bigger size since 43" is now becoming the new "puny" screen size.

Why does the average screen size end up increasing with time? I feel like I can never buy a decent size TV without getting laughed at about how small it is!

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    It isn't odd, but is IS stupid. .

  • lare
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    between 1990s and now there has been a major development in television.  it is called "digital".  before digital all you view was "standard definition" so a 27 or 32 inch screen was all the larger you needed to view TV at the best available resolution.  but with digital came widescreen or 16:9 display and high resolution.  in order to view a full resolution picture it requires you have a far larger screen size.  so 40 and 50 inch became more desirable.  so it is not odd at all.

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    no 32 inch uses the old high definition ,55 inch uses ultra definition , and and 65 inch upwards use 4k definition , larger the tv the more pixels it uses gives you a choice of sizes but a 70 inch running on high definition , is horrible , 

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    The other thing is the price stays about the same ( unless you must have the very latest technology).

    The first TV I bought myself cost £320 in 1990 for a 21in square tube. The next one I bought was 1995, 26in square £290. 

    1999 27in 16:9 £290, 2005 29in £ 270, 2012 32 in flat screen £330, 2014 40 in smart tv £370 ( with 5 year warranty) 2020 50 in £290. 

    The size will probably increase until it is the size of the whole wall in an average sized council house.

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    Upgrade when you want to,not because others do. I have a 100 inch screen and projector in my basement and i love it.

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    Its not the size that matters...

  • Anonymous
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    because people want to feel like they are in a movie theater at home not like they are looking at a computer screen

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