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What are some sensual things women like during sex?

I’m a 24 year old male. I’m trying to get better at having sex with my girlfriend. I’ve asked her before to tell me what I can do to get better, but she says I’m fine. I’d really like to surprise her with some new sensual tricks. She likes it when I kiss her stomach and caress her face, but I’d like to do and learn more for her. What are some sensual things I can do to her to make sex better? 

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    Me and my now husband never discussed what we like when it comes to sex, we just do what we feel like! If you really love the person or she loves you, you will not need to get her in the mood she will just be in the mood!!! I am 23 and I know from experience from this age bracket and just my own personal experience! 

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    So imagination and creativity is one of the biggest turns on around. This means trying different things every day. Turn up to bed dressed in a suit or wearing leopard print underwear, etc. Try sex in different places. 

    In regards to sensuality

    - Put on mood music

    - Burn aromatic candles, patchouli and vanilla are 2 scents good to enhance sensuality

    - Put satin sheets on the bed, which enhance the sensual feeling

    - Kissing the spine from the back of the neck to the bottom is very sensual, while rubbing her arms

    - Massage is excellent, with a nice foot massage a great way to make her feel good

    - Bring a present, so maybe a nice necklace to try on

    Also, find a girl who will talk to you and tell you what she wants, there is not a lot of future in a relationship with someone who want talk about sex with you.

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