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What is a research paper, and what can I write about from the 18th and 19th century topics?

Hello! I’m struggling to find a topic from the time period 18th and 19th century for American Literature. A topic is due today and I’m lost at picking one. I honestly don’t know what to write about; we need 4 sources (two from a book, and two from research (our school’s Library)). I don’t know what to do. Examples: Environmentalist Beliefs, Transcendentalism, Colonialism, Abolition, etc. Someone from my class mentioned a new term: cultural appropriation. There are many many subjects to choose from, but I’m very lost at which to pick. I’m struggling. I don’t remember writing a research paper :/

*Sophomore level college course


Hi! I decided on Romantisicm but is it too hard or too easy or in between? Also I’d like some feedback or little advice, if you have any.

Thank you all so very much (in advance).

I appreciate it :)

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