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Would you recommend learning in two different cars?

I'vee been having lessons since July this year and I feel like I'm not getting any closer to becoming a driver I keep messing up maybe I'm being too hard on myself but I'd like to know if it has something to do with learning in two different cars my instructors car is newer and petrol and my partner's car is diesel both very different but I feel like I can do it with little mistake in my partner's car then I get in my instructors car and I'm messing up when I know what to do! It's frustrating! So should I stop having lessons in my partner's car or carry on and hope I get used to both?

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    i have driven for close to 60 years ..owned dozens of cars ..and have driven 100`s of others ..there really is no difference driving petrol or diesels this moment i have both ..and driven hire cars around the world ..never felt any difference ..what your getting is experience cant buy it ..its a mindset thing you have ..the only person on this planet who can make you feel inferior yourself 

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    Different? Both vehicles have 4 wheels.  You are trying to make an excuse.  What is different in a diesel? Nothing except starting.  Lights, signals, wipers, shifter pattern, clutch, brake, mirrors, all the same.  Size of car may be different.  You will be taking the exam in your car. The instructor is the TEACHER, not the EXAMINER.  You are training FOR the EXAMINATION DAY.

    . Saying you been in training since July tells me "Nothing" How many times have you been out driving?  Once or 100 times?  It makes a difference.  The Examiner is not really interested in how well you know the car as he is about how well you "play with others"  Driving is a Dance. of non contact variety.  "After you"..."no after you."  You learn how to compensate for others who may have forgotten the rules such as in a 4 way stop intersection and you all come to a stop at the same time. What does your Driver's Training manual say about that?  Those are the rules that should be followed(but never expect the other guy to remember those rules or follow them.  So, if you can see their faces you almost can read who is going FIRST.    This is not a race.  It is getting through the day ALIVE. & smoothly too.

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    maybe you should ask him to teach you in one car

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