Has anyone been shot by a 22? Please tell me about it?

Like how much it hurt in comparison to other things and was it as you expected or different and also where you got hit, the damage it did, how far away was the gun, was it 22 short or long, or long rifle. from what type of weapon, rifle or pistol, and brand and make, and just the general story of how it happened. 

And Thanks! I am asking these questions for my curiosity and also so people can share their experiences to each other. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Me and a buddy were walking across my cow pasture when we were teenagers. We both had 22 rifles loaded with 22cal birdshot (long rifle). As we walked along we'd shoot into piles of cow sheet, spraying one another with the cow sheet. Sounds like a great time, doesnt it? Anyway, I shot into a pile of sheet, and one of the bb's ricocheted off a rock and hit my buddy in the mouth. After cursing a blue streak for a few minutes, he took his hand off his mouth and showed me. He rolled his lower lip down to reveal a bb stuck just below the skin, dead center on the inside. He squeezed it out, whined some more, then we when on playing our game. I was shooting a bolt action Savage, I think he was shooting an old Stevens pump. Ha ha ha...it doesnt get much more red-neck than that, does it?

  • 1 month ago

    Felt the impact, like a small hammer, then the burn set in.  Left forearm.  Beat the guy into submission and felt bad later for it.  I thought he was just a drunk passed out in a car behind a bar.  Went to wake him up and got shot.  Turned out he had been robbed and beat already.  He thought they came back.  He was pretty badly beat.

  • 1 month ago

    I did not get hit with a 22 directly but I got hit with a ricochet from a pistol. I’m not sure exactly how it happened but I think I hit a piece of wood and instead of going in the wood it ricocheted off it and hit me in my lower left leg. To be honest it had lost most of its energy and when it hit me didn’t even go through my pants. But I definitely felt it.

  • 1 month ago

    I was hit with a 22 when 17.  Not sure who fired. Lots of kids shooting at bottles and beer being passed around. I didn't know I had been hit until I took my sock off and saw the blood - not much, just some. I wore a thick belt - to tie myself off when taking a pee off a sailboat lee side, keep me from falling in.  Belt stopped the bullet.  I could see the rear end of it just above the pubic hair line and it didnt take much to remove.  I put a band aid on it.  A week later it was infected and abscessed. Mom takes me to a new doc in town who did 10 years in the Navy and he recognized it for what it was....especially with me being an idiot and still wearing the belt with the hole in it.  He got mom out of the room and I did not lie to him.  I got a painful shot in the butt, however, he didnt want to disturb the wound until I had been on antibiotic for 5 days.  On the way out the door, in front of my mom, he says, "Be sure to bring some whiskey and a bullet to bite on when you come back". (his way of telling me he best never see me in his office for anything else like this)

    5 days later I show up.  Doc has an exchange medical student from England following him.  As he is prepping to drain the wound I produce a little nip bottle of whiskey and a bullet - "I'm all set for you this time, doc" (mom got the little bottle for me) We had forgotten about the exchange student!  He says, "Damn, you people have some strange medical habits!"

    I learned that even a tiny bullet wound can become a big deal.  22 bullets are not clean.  Cheap ones have wax, which is probably what got me wound infected. Expensive ones have a chemical lubricant .... plus you have the leftover debris from the spent gunpowder.  

    If you go into Sportsman's Warehouse and look at the $90 to $120  'gun leather' gun belts with the heavy brass buckles.... that is what the 22 penetrated.  

    If you are curious about this.  Stop by your local newspaper - they usually sell scrap bundles for $1 or so.  At the range put them in a lawn trash bag and add water, let it soak in.  Wet paper isnt perfect but it will let see the holes made by fast moving bullets that create hydrostatic shock vs the holes from some that don't have the power....as you peel the pages back, you can see where some bullets make a clean hole, while others mushroom and make a huge wound channel.  


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