Should Trump ask Santa Claus to let him win an election lawsuit by Christmas?

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    2 months ago
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    There isn't any given LEGITIMATE law suit for CHUMP to WIN in the first place. There never was. WE had a LEGITIMATE election once again folks. And CHUMP doesn't get tp change our Constitution nor the rule just because the vast majority of voters have decided to FIRE his pathetic FAKE reality tv show drama queen gossip girl cast. CHUMP himself knows that Pence and HIM have indeed LOST THE ELECTION. But CHUMP has DEBTS and HE thinks that YOU CHUMP supporters are so stupid that YOU are going to give your beer money to HIM so HE can use it to pay his DEBTS. It's time to move FORWARD. WE have elected President Biden and Vice President Harris in a FAIR and ETHICAL election. That's it folks. No scandal. No sexy and pretty deep state agents running around with fake ballots. No clever plots. Just a simple and FAIR and HONEST election. Just as WE always have in our Democracy. So PLEASE folks. STOP the HATE. ENOUGH of your high school gossip FAKE CLAIMS that somebody told somebody whom told somebody whom told you...PLEASE FOLKS. WE have 267,000 DEAD PEOPLE form the VIRUS. WE have unemployed people struggling to pay bills and keep their homes. WE all need to put our differences aside and tell Moscow B- McConnell and CHUMP to work with not against the Democrats not against them...Just because WE dared to ELECT a new President and Vice President. WE have one month before the CHUMP family leaves the White House. And Biden and Harris indeed take their oath of office. The GOP, Pence and CHUMP need to RESPECT the decision made by the vast majority of people of our COUNTRY and do the right thing. Time to move FORWARD.

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    2 months ago

    Maybe Dems should ask Santa if he can lose one by then.

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